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 CRA Gang Rule's

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Ancient Owner of [CRA]

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PostSubject: CRA Gang Rule's   Wed Jul 18, 2012 7:41 pm

Rule's That Are Allowed In CRA:

- Always Buy Armour
- Always Buy Ghost Device
- Help Newbie Players
- Help Other CRA Members If They Are In Trouble
- Use C-BUG (don't abuse it)
- Good speaking english
- Never Insults Other Gang

Rule's That Are Not Allowed In CRA:

- Do Not Team-Car Jack
- Do Not Evade Death
- Do Not Use RPG On Foot
- Do Not Hack
- Do Not Attack CRA Members
- Don't Always abuse RPG nor super weapons (like HS Rocket, RPG etc....)

- 1 Month Inactive will be kicked.
- Dont use CLEO's or Other mod which give an Advantage's.

To join the gang, u must have:
- Good Skills

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CRA Gang Rule's
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